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Apr 10

Great Debates: Global Climate Change


A scientific issue that has become one of the major political issues of our time.  Is it a hoax and a grand conspiracy?   Or is it the most challenging issue to face human kind? Hey!  Guess what?  This isn’t politics.  This is for our best and brightest brains around the world.  Scientists should decide weather the Earth …

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Apr 09

Great Debates: Did FDR end the Great Depression?


If you read your high school text book the answer to whether or not Franklin D. Roosevelt ended the Great Depression isn’t a question, it is stated fact.   But long held beliefs by some Republicans, especially today, say that Roosevelt did not end the Depression.   Who is right? The Great Depression originated in …

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Apr 02

Great Debates: Does Lowering Taxes Increase Revenue?


Election after election the same proposals are put up by the Conservatives: Lower Taxes. It is an easy sell to most. What is better than lower taxes? But wait, there’s more. Many Conservatives claim is that not only will they lower your income taxes, but the government’s revenues will go up. Let me repeat. Lower …

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