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Jul 31

Never Trump – Anderson Cooper Calls Trump a 5-year-old

Reason enough to never vote for Donald Trump.

Aug 14

Scott Walker: Unqualified to be President

Should there be a standard to be president of the United States? Should we the people have basic requirements for the leader of the free world? Of course the Constitution does require the person to be at least 35 years of age, a natural born U.S. citizen, and have lived in the United States for …

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Jul 16

Obama Begins 60-Day Campaign to Win Over Iran Deal Skeptics at Home and Abroad – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Obama eagerly took on critics of the Iran nuclear deal on Wednesday, inviting question after question on an agreement he suggested that many of his political adversaries had not even read. Mr. Obama used a formal East Room news conference to begin what White House officials said would be an aggressive effort …

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Jul 15

Benjamin Weinthal: Iran will cheat and get away with it – NY Daily News

President Obama’s deal with Iran profoundly misjudged the revolutionary nature of the clerical regime in Tehran. Iran’s rulers have demonstrated over the last two decades an unwavering tenacity to develop a nuclear weapons device. Put simply, the agreement reached on Tuesday merely manages the mullahs’ drive to make their nation into a nuclear-armed power. While …

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May 12

Do the Republicans Have a Centrist Presidential Candidate?


Do the Republicans have a centrist presidential candidate? No. With the simple answer out of the way, let’s examine the tougher question.  Who is the most centrist candidate in the 2012 Republican field? If it were not for his phenomenal-flip-flops, Mitt Romney maybe the most centrist candidate of the likely group.  Just being a Republican in Massachusetts …

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Apr 22

Taxes, Taxes, No New Taxes…Unless its on Vampires

It is in almost universal agreement that raising taxes right now, with the weak U.S. economy barely recovering,  is a bad idea.  Unless… No!  No unless. Unless we tax the untaxed.  Yes the untaxed, much like the undead.  It is time to tax the undead, yes, tax vampires.  Tax all of them!  Tax all the …

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