Apr 10

Great Debates: Global Climate Change

climate-change A scientific issue that has become one of the major political issues of our time.  Is it a hoax and a grand conspiracy?   Or is it the most challenging issue to face human kind?

Hey!  Guess what?  This isn’t politics.  This is for our best and brightest brains around the world.  Scientists should decide weather the Earth is warming due to climate change and whether or not it is due to human activity.

The bottom line is there is still research to be done, but the fact that the Earth is getting hotter, nobody denies that.  The question is, is it from humans and that is where it becomes political.

If the Liberals want to use climate change to pass over indulgent,  economically bad laws to control how everybody uses energy, they would be  making a huge mistake.

If the Conservatives want to ignore science and act like climate change is about as important as pollution and pull out all stops to prevent change, they would be making a huge mistake.

Both must listen to the world-wide scientific community.  There is already undeniable facts that show humans are the likely reason for climate change. Intergovernmental  Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientists believe that it is very likely (greater  than 90 percent chance) that most of the warming we have experienced since the  1950s is due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions from human activity.

In the end we all know that cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions is a good thing and even if they said it was a 30% chance that we were destroying the world, it would be wise to do something and do something fast.

You can see the conclusions of scientist here: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Scientists opposing the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming have varied opinions on the cause of global warming. They claim global warming can be from natural variation, ocean currents, increased solar activity or cosmic rays.

Some are unproven theories and some, like solar activity have shown to bear some truth. Solar physicist Sami Solankiet concluded “that solar variability is unlikely to have been the dominant cause of the strong warming during the past three decades,” and that “at the most 30% of the strong warming since then can be of solar origin.

More than 90% of the scientist in the field of climate change agree that is is due to human activity. There are some very reputable scientist who state an uncertainty of the cause and there are some who discount it for other reasons.

Click here to see: List of scientist opposing global warming

We do not get to choose when to listen to scientist and when not to.  They are the experts.  It’s what we pay them for, right?  We don’t question our doctors when they are conducting surgery, we don’t question how they got us to the moon, and nor should we question the experts when they say humans are the likely cause of climate change.  It doesn’t mean we don’t verify and it doesn’t mean hand over the United States energy policy to some world organization to govern the use of energy.  It means we need to be wise, listen to the experts and make the best decision to move us forward.


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    • Centrist on May 23, 2011 at 3:50 am

    Is there a way to help this without raising taxes on anyone? (Some sort of cap and trade).

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