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Jul 16

Obama Begins 60-Day Campaign to Win Over Iran Deal Skeptics at Home and Abroad – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Obama eagerly took on critics of the Iran nuclear deal on Wednesday, inviting question after question on an agreement he suggested that many of his political adversaries had not even read. Mr. Obama used a formal East Room news conference to begin what White House officials said would be an aggressive effort …

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Jul 15

Obama Press Conference: Iran Nuclear Deal

Jun 29

Chief Justice Roberts Opinion on Health Care Law

Cheif Justice Roberts

  It’s actually simple (after 2 pages). You don’t have to buy insurance, but if you don’t purchase, you pay a fine, 2.5% of pay $695 min. That part is collected by the IRS and thus a tax. He states: Congress’s use of the Taxing Clause to encourage buying something is not new. Tax incentives …

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May 07

Obama Fulfills Promise with the Assassination of Osama


Then candidate Obama declares he would enter into to Pakistan territory in order to take out Osama Bin Laden. Republican nominee John McCain’s disagrees, because Pakistan is a sovereign country and an important ally. It is not to often when a president does word-for-word what he says on such an important issue.       …

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Apr 14

Obama’s Debt Plan Sets Stage for Long Battle Over Spending

barack obama

WASHINGTON — President Obama made the case Wednesday for slowing the rapid growth of the national debt while retaining core Democratic values, proposing a mix of long-term spending cuts, tax increases and changes to social welfare programs as his opening position in a fierce partisan budget battle over the nation’s fiscal challenges. After spending months …

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