Apr 22

Taxes, Taxes, No New Taxes…Unless its on Vampires

It is in almost universal agreement that raising taxes right now, with the weak U.S. economy barely recovering,  is a bad idea.  Unless…

No!  No unless.

Unless we tax the untaxed.  Yes the untaxed, much like the undead.  It is time to tax the undead, yes, tax vampires.  Tax all of them!  Tax all the things in the world that we are scared of and therefore do not tax.

The new “vampire tax” will first be applied to internet gaming.  AHHHH!

Dick Cheney is not a vampire.

Yes, internet gaming has its dangers.  Yes gaming has its dangers.  And yes, vampires are likely dangerous too.  The fact is the it’s the American tax payer, not to mention the American entrepreneur, who is losing out because of the fear of internet gaming.

Issues do not get more Libertarian or entrepreneurial than this.  Just because some idiot can’t stop playing Texas Hold’em is no reason to stop you from being able to play it if you choose.  Just because some idiot can’t stop playing Texas Hold’em is not a reason to disallow a businessman to capitalize on a world-wide phenomenon and just because some idiot can’t stop playing Texas Hold’em it is definitely not a reason to leave an industry untaxed.  It is a billion dollar business and the United States isn’t seeing a dime of it.  Yet it people do it all the time whether you approve or not.

Legalize and tax online gaming!  Tax the untaxed!  Tax the undead, tax the vampires!


Yes, the word scares me too.  But it is another billion dollar industry, that let’s face it, can use some regulation.  Nevada is a case study in how to have safe, clean, legal and thus, TAXED prostitution.    You don’t like prostitution?  Good!  So let this scary business benefit all society…by bringing in tax dollars.  Tax dollars to build schools, build roads or pay debt.    Or you can continue let the pimp have all the profit because it is happening right now whether you approve of it or not.

Legalize and tax prostitution!  Tax the untaxed!  Tax the undead, tax the vampires!


Well, by now you see where I’m going with this.  Boo!  You may not like Marijuana.  You may not like any drugs, or alcohol or vampires for that matter.  Great.  And if you were my mom, I’d care.

Just for the sake of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, words of an actual founding father, Thomas Jefferson, in an actual founding document The Declaration of something or another, please allow people do to do whatever gets them through the night, cause its all right (Lennon was not a founding father), as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

Once again the only person who loses in the illegal game of marijuana is the non smoker.  The drug dealer wins big.  They make plenty of untaxed profit.  The smoker, well the smoker gets their marijuana.  The non smoker, what do they get?  TAXED!  Not tax revenue.  TAXED!  You pay the taxes for the police to arrest, convict and house drug dealers and some users.  Imagine the tax savings if the police for did not enforce marijuana laws.  Now imagine the taxes that would be collected from marijuana sells.  The stuff that sells around the world whether you approve of it or not.  Could we pay for some or all of a national health care program with its tax revenue?   Would it be better to invest in prevention, regulate it and controlled it?

Legalize and tax marijuana!  Tax the untaxed!  Tax the undead, tax the vampires!

There is literally billions of dollars of untaxed profit in the United States.  Billions and billions.  Best of all, these are all ‘sin-taxes”.  It is time the adults take the wheel of the car and realize it is time to tax the things many people love to do while many others hide there eyes while they do it.  Peek-a-boo, where’d ya go?  Unless you’re two, you have learned when you take your hands away from your eyes, everything is still there.  Grow up, don’t be afraid of vampires anymore.  Tax the undead, tax the untaxed.